Indoor Patients
Admissions :
If the patient requires admission, the patient or the attendant is required to complete formalities at the admission counter in the OPD waiting Hall.
Categories of accommodation :
Deluxe luxury
I.C.U - Admissions decided by Chief Medical Officer on duty. Special ICU bed also available with attendant beds.
Billings and Payments :
Payments The tentative duration of stay will be specified by the treating consultant. An advance payment has to be made at the time of admission. Clients will be given bills and are requested to update advance payments periodically. Final settlement of accounts will be requested when patient is to be discharged. Payments can be made at the billing department round the clock.
Discharge Formalities An approval and order from your consultant doctor is required for you to leave the hospital. After the doctor has conveyed the order to the attending nurse, the billing department begins the billing process. Kindly allow two hours for completing the formalities, after which you get a call to clear your bill. The receipt must be shown to the nursing staff who along with the doctor explains post discharge medications and patient care methods.
Important Inpatient facilities :
Canteen facility
Morning break fast and tea / coffee is served free to all admitted patients
Veg food orders are accepted with prior intimation of minimum 12 hours.
Thali system is also available.
24 hrs. Drug store :
The drug store in the campus is open for 24 hrs.
Laundry service :
Laundry service is available on request.
Lift and generato r:
Manned lift for patients. Generator backup for every equipment.
Phone facility :
Phone connection is provided in every patient room .
Hot and cold water :
Hot water from 6.00 am to 9.00 am to all admitted patients through solar heater.
Customer Relation Management :
Patient care and all problems are solved immediately by our customer care department.